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Microneedling has ignited a spark in the beauty world and utilizes the successful principle of enhancing your body’s own collagen and elastin production, cell regeneration, and the natural healing response of your skin. At Simon Med Spa in Burlingame, California, Simon Lee, MD is a generous and industrious cosmetic specialist and internal medicine physician providing microneedling to help men and women achieve smoother, tighter, and more radiant skin. Call or schedule your consultation online.

Microneedling Q & A

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment designed to stimulate your body’s natural healing response and the production of elastin and collagen for tighter and younger-looking skin.

Most microneedling devices can be used on a number of body parts, including the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Back

Microneedling is effective for resolving a variety of skin concerns, such as:

  • Premature skin aging
  • Scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Age spots
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Enlarged pores

Microneedling can also help with hair loss by releasing endothelial growth factors that boost your follicle size and promote hair growth and hair thickness.

How does microneedling work?

During your microneedling treatment, Dr. Lee applies a topical gel to your skin to make sure you’re comfortable and to allow the microneedling device to glide smoothly over your skin.

Microneedling involves fine needles that Dr. Lee uses to make precise tiny holes in the upper layer of your skin to trigger the production of elastin and collagen.

The microneedling process usually takes between 15-30 minutes. You might need multiple treatments for optimal results.

What is microneedling with PRP?

Microneedling with PRP involves combining the effective microneedling treatment with platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). It’s also referred to as a vampire facelift.

Plasma is a liquid found in your blood. Your blood also consists of small solid components: platelets, and white and red blood cells. Platelets are involved in blood clotting, but they also contain growth factors that are highly beneficial for promoting the regeneration of cells and healing injuries.

PRP is plasma that’s rich in platelets, meaning it contains more platelets than what’s usually present in your blood. Dr. Lee obtains the platelet-rich plasma through a centrifugation process where the growth factors are concentrated until they’re five to 10 times richer than normal.

Dr. Lee draws your blood and uses a centrifuge machine to separate and concentrate the platelets. After the centrifugation process, Dr. Lee blends the highly concentrated platelets with the remaining blood and injects it into the treatment area. Multiple injections can usually be administered during one session.

PRP has been used for treating arthritis, for hair restoration, for assisting tissue healing during certain surgeries, and more. Microneedling with PRP can be used to fill in areas of lost volume in the face. When PRP is injected into specific areas, such as a loss of volume in the jaw or the circles under the eyes, the PRP restores volume and smooths the skin.

Dr. Lee also offers vampire breast lifts where PRP is used as a more natural way to create a fuller and firmer bust.

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